Umai, Training intervention implementation and support

On November 14-15, 2022, training was held for the specialists from the partner organizations who are planned to be involved in the “Umai” intervention implementation and support.

An overview of the main components of WINGS-“Umai” was conducted during the training. Participants identified and solved problems related to the WINGS-“Umai” project implementation; discussed opportunities for a intersectional response to women from key populations experiencing gender-based violence and intimate partner violence; suggested ideas for identifying and integrating a network of services related to IPV, staffing issues, funding, organizational strategies implementation to identify and address “compassion fatigue”- emotional burnout among WINGS-“Umai” staff.

A similar project was implemented by the GLORI Foundation in Kyrgyzstan; the experience of implementation and sustainability of the program was presented at the training by the Head of the Foundation, Danil Nikitin.

Based on the results of the Coordination Committee meeting and partner organization training, a plan is being developed to implement and evaluate WINGS-“Umai”, identifying strategies and resources to create a WINGS-Umai network of service providers, end users and advocates.


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