Meeting with working group, Umai

A meeting was held with the working group of the Coordination Board of the “Umai” Project at the PF CSPI office on December 19, 2022

The issues related to the further Board functioning format and the need to plan activities for 2023 were discussed at the meeting. Participants voiced the importance of obtaining access to statistical data on violence in Almaty city and Almaty region, as well as the need to develop mechanisms for interagency cooperation, active involvement of inspectors of units on protection of women from violence and the local police services. It was decided to collect all the Coordination Board participants’ proposals on the necessary activities to address the problems of access for women from the key groups to services of protection against violence. The second meeting of the Coordination Board is scheduled for January 2023, which will approve the action plan of the Board for the year 2023.

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